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WELCOME!! to my South-Beach Diets' Page where I have some tips on Dietary supplements. I also wanted to take the time to tell you about my new Diet Master Pro!! Software for providing diets.

11 Tips on Choosing a Dietary Supplement

1) Choose a vitamin-mineral combination. Limit the potency to 100% or less of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances). A supplement with 100% of the RDA is plenty, especially if you’re eating a healthful diet. Avoid large or mega doses.

2) Choose a supplement for your unique needs. Consider factors such as age, gender and medical status.

3) Take supplements with meals to enhance absorption.

4) For economy, consider generic brands. Paying more for the same product generally offers no additional benefits. Just a Little tip from South-Beach Trainer.

5) Don’t be lured by extra ingredients: choline, inositol, lecithin, PABA, herbs and enzymes. They add to the cost, but offer no proven nutritional benefits.

6) Check the expiration date on the label. Over time, nutrient supplements lose some of their potency.

7) Take the supplement in the recommended dosage. There is no need to double dose on days when you have missed a meal. Rather than popping a pill, make up for the foods you missed with your food choices the next day.

8) Keep dietary supplements in a safe place-away from places where children may reach them.

9) Remember, no dietary supplement provides the full complement of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients found in the food that you need for good health.

It has only those listed on the label. If you rely on supplements, you miss out on the full variety of nutrients, as well as fiber and other substances supplied by the food.

10) Food before pills: Stick to the intention of dietary supplements- not replacements-for nutrients in healthful meals and snacks. Make food choices with variety, balance and moderation as the key. Supplements cannot make up for good diet, nor can they undo the damage of a bad one.

11) In regular check- ups, advise your doctor about any dietary supplements you choose to take on your own. Caution: If you are taking prescription medication, talk with your doctor before using dietary supplements. Supplements could interfere with the action of some types of medication.

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