Here is a list of Personal-Trainer-Traits to look for, if you are on the look out to hire a Personal Trainer. This can also help you if your looking for another trainer in the country. Why? because there's many different type of trainers with many different unique skills to offer.

• Extraordinary People Skills

• Ability to Motivate

• Creativity

• An Acceptable Level of Knowledge in:

o Exercise Technique

o Exercise Theory

o Human Physiology

o Human Nutrition

• An Acceptable Knack for Using that Knowledge to Bring About Positive Change in Others

• Responsibility

• Honesty

• Concern For People

• Integrity

• Loyalty

• Marketing Ability

• A Willingness to Keep Abreast of New Developments

• Exceptional Communication Skills

WARNING!! There is alot of trainers with little experience training out there, that why I created this page, not to mock anybody but for people to make a smart disicion.

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