Tips for Heart-Smart-Shopping

Tips for Heart-Smart-Shopping

1. First and for most, make a grocery list. This may not be your normal list either, meaning not the foods you know but the foods you should be eating and the foods you will come to know. -Once you have the list, stick to it. This will prevent any impulse buys.

-Don’t shop hungry!! This is a killer for temptation.

2. Shop mainly around the perimeter of the store. Select foods in their most wholesome form – fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, fish, lean meats and low fat dairy products.

When doing your Heart-Smart-Shopping limit inner isle shopping, which contain all the processed evils that leads to weight gain.

3. The exception to the middle isles would be certain spices, healthy condiment, canned legumes (beans) you may enjoy or oils-primarily the monosaturated oils such as; olive, peanut, or canola.

4. If there is a health food section in your supermarket, visit it and become familiar-with these foods if they are not your typical choices. Many times this is the on place you can find items like WHOLE GRAIN breads or other varieties that have not been stripped of their nutrients.

5. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates, your body needs them. Some people don’t realize that vegetables and fruits are still carbs. If you enjoy pasta, rice and bread you can easily purchase better quality if you buy whole grain products.

-Whole grains should be the first two words on the ingredient label.

6. Learn to read labels. Be aware that many canned and processed foods contain fat and salt. The ingredients listed first are present in the largest amount.

-Watch for words such as Hydrogenated oil, shortening and animal fat.

-Choose foods without added salt/sodium, or those that list salt near the end of the ingredient list.

7. Choose dairy products with a 2% or lower value of milk (M.F.) or butter fat.

8. PREPARATION IS KEY: Either purchase the pre-chopped veggies or take the time after your Heart-Smart-Shopping to chop your vegetables in to bite size pieces. Put them in Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers so you can take them with you. This little tip helps you succeed tremendously so you don’t go running for the vending machine when you want a snack. That goes for making your lunch also.

9. Changing habits, whether they are eating,shopping, exercising or others can be overwhelming to do all at once. You know yourself better than anyone, so do what you think you can and a little more. Eliminate or introduce certain components gradually to help you succeed. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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