Gables Group Training: Who’s Ready to Have a Slimmer, Tighter Body to Show Off in Only 4 Weeks?

If you’re ready, then come to Fitness Innovations, "Gables Group Training" and LEARN:

- How to fire up your metabolism with 3 simple SECRETS.

- How to sculpt a leaner, tighter body that you can be proud of.

- The best way to exercise to lose pounds and inches and revitalize your body.

- How too much cardiovascular exercise can actually make you fatter.

- Why eating less and exercising more is a prescription for failure.

Well have a great time and you’ll reap the benefits of this 4-week Gables Group Training.

For less than $85 per week, you’ll get:

- 3 Workouts per week with a nationally certified Fitness Coach.

- Small class size limited to 8 people so you get the attention you need.

- A nutritional crash course that will destroy fitness myths and help get you on the right path to eating healthier, more nutritious meals with Diet Master Pro!

Grab a friend or neighbor and make your reservation now.

Hate evenings? That’s okay; I’ve scheduled the group for early mornings to fit your after-work schedule.

You’ll work hard and have a great time doing it. You’ll learn life-style changing in formation that will equip you with the tools you need to reshape your body and rewire your thinking about fitness and nutrition.

Gables Group Training Specifics

- 4 week program with 3 workouts each week.

- Workouts will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 a.m.

- Work will take place inside, Fitness Innovations 135 San Lorenzo Ave. #110 Coral Gables FL, 33146.

Events (in addition to 3 workouts a week)

- 1st Saturday,

Diet Master Pro! Meal Planning and Grocery List ($99 Value)
- 2nd Saturday, Program design: I will personally design a personal training program,based on The National Academy of Sports Medicine Guide lines. Your own Blue Print that you can follow regarless of what fitness level your on.

- 4th Saturday, Last Assessment of the month and measurements.

Cost - $325 per participant (includes Diet Master Pro!)

- Deadline for enrollment and payment is before the 1st day of the month. I accept cash, checks, credit cards.

Missed Sessions

- There are no refunds for missed sessions.

TRY IT OUT FOR ONE FREE WEEK. If you like your FREE week then you can join for $325 a month.

To Get Started

Call Fitness Innovations at 786-266-5353 and schedule a time to come by the office, 135 San Lorenzo Ave.#110 Coral Gables FL, 33146 take a tour and remember, payments are due before the program starts.

Fill out the Contact Sheet.

Sign the Client Agreement and Informed Consent Waiver.

If you’re ready to start reshaping your body in a fun, non-threatening environment, I am ready to help you. Come join me for some Good ENERGETIC fun.

Questions? Get the answers at 786-266-5353 Personal Trainer Fitness Innovations. Jose Aguilar

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Dear Jose,

Thank you: for all your encouragement and professionalism in training me. Since we have begun our sessions, I feel much more strength and motivation. I had been previously exercising before we started working together, but now I am seeing results for my efforts. You have educated me very well in terms of fitness and health, and I look forward to continuing my health goals with your guidance. ,

Nicole Woods