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Welcome to my Fitness Innovations Testimonials page. Here is my arsenal of evidence. Here are some of my favorite clients telling a little something about my business and services. Read it from them and enjoy. Nothing makes me happier in this world than when I read this or watch this testimonials. It also works well for those who are on the other side of the fence, who wonder about my Fitness Innovations services. So take your time read my site and remember if you have any questions you can send me an email threw my contact page. I hope you enjoy this fitness testimonials as mush as I do because they mean alot to me. Remember here at Fitness Innovations we care about our clients.

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For me, stress triggers unhealthy living habits. I have always been very conscious of my diet and physical state of being. Recently, like the rest of the world, I went through a very difficult period of life. My body became pathetically out of shape and my mind shared the same state. I sought counseling for my mental health. A few months later, I sought Jose for physical help. Like my therapist, Jose provides me with motivation, support and an understanding of me. As a result of training with Jose, my mental, physical and overall outlook on life has vastly improved. My doctor even commented that having a personal trainer was one of the best things I could do for myself. I agree. But, I also have to say that I’ve worked with trainers before and have not had the same overall results. Yes, physically they have helped me improve. But, Jose, is truly a professional. Not only have I physically improved, I have made a positive mental transformation as well. I still have bad days. That’s just the human part of me. Working with Jose helps me turn negative feelings about myself into positive ones and simultaneously help me sculpt me into the shape I desire. I highly recommend an experienced trainer. For me, training with Jose makes my life much less challenging.

Shelly Shiner / SOBE SPORTS CLUB ________________________________________________________________

Dear Jose,

Thank you for all your encouragement and professionalism in training me. Since we have begun our sessions, I feel much more strength and motivation. I had been previously exercising before we started working together, but now I am seeing results for my efforts. You have educated me very well in terms of fitness and health, and I look forward to continuing my health goals with your guidance.

Thank You,

Nicole Woods ________________________________________________________________

Jose, Thank you for helping me .It was a great experience having you as my personal trainer .You have giving me a lot of tools, training and confidence to achieve my goal of loosing weight and getting myself on shape. I'm confident that I will achieve the results I seek and must of it it's because you are and excellent trainer .I will give my best recommendation about you to anybody who want a good trainer. I hope we will continue our relationship in fitness in a future.


Alex Delgado / GOLD'S GYM SOUTH BEACH ________________________________________________________________

Hi Jose,

You have change my life for the better physically, emotionally, and mentally I am very please with my results, even after only three months. As my personal trainer I must praise you for your knowledge of your profession and your positive drive that may my time with you enjoyable. You made every workout (“a walk in the park”) =). Also I have recommended you to several of my friends who have notice the change in my appearance and attitude. Thank you again and I’ am looking forward to having you as my personal trainer for many more months to come.

Thanks a lot,



I have worked with Jose Aguilar on a balance program aimed at weight loss and overall physical fitness. He has guided me on a balance program of aerobic activity, weight risistance and flexibility. While he has provided me with a sound grounding and first time gym orientation, he also helps the more expirienced to achieve even greater progress. The results after 6 months is a FORTY POUND WEIGHT LOSS coupled with INCREASED STRENGTH,ENDURANCE, AND RANGE OF MOTION. Jose provides both technical expertise and motivation.

Denis Russ Gold's Gym South Beach December 27, 2004

“My name is Johanny Madera I’m a 32 Year Old. I think that working out with Jose Aguilar is the greatest form of exercise I’ve ever done. I’ve been lifting weights as my main form of exercise for 4 years. Mostly, I worked out in free weight gyms doing more model type workouts. But I’ve also worked out in athletic clubs doing aerobics and using Nautilus equipment. I’ve seen and experience many different forms of weightlifting, but nothing has brought out such an intense workout than training with Jose Aguilar.” “ I love it. It is fun and versatile. For me it is a cardiovascular and weight training workout in one. I literally saw results after just a few weeks. I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since. My shoulders are more defined, my stomach is flat, my hips are slimmer and have never looked better. My arms and legs have really toned up. My husband told me recently that I have the figure of a high schoolgirl.” “ It doesn’t matter what your goals are if you want to change your shape, decrease your body fat, and increase your strength you can do it all with Jose Aguilar. Jose’s training is for everyone. All it takes is heart on your behalf.”

Johanny Madera / Gold’s Gym Miami



Ending my second month training with Jose Aguilar I can see a noticeably improved muscle tone,flexibility,increase in energy levels,also learn about sports nutrition getting better eating habits.

I never get bored with his workout,always he makes the workout very entertaining,constantly checking the right position in everysingle excercise,making sure that everything I'm doing, I'm doing it right. I can feel all the noticeably changes. After two months I dont have any doubt that with him as my trainer I can find the changes I'm looking for in my body,of course working as a team because he is putting all his energy and effort and I am doing the same.

I am very proud been guided in my workouts by him.

THANK YOU Jose, Luis Enrique Redondo SOBE Sports Club

Drew right,Lilliana middle,Matt left and myself in the back. This are some of my favorite clients that I had the pleasure of working with at SOBE Sports Club

March 2008

Jose: I have enjoyed having you as my personal trainer. you have been professional, knowledgeable and fun.

Having never had a personal trainer and being close to being able to collect Social Security, I didn't know what to expect. I have appreciated the way you explained how each exercise would affect my muscles. You also explained how to use each machine and the free weights properly so that I would get the most benefit out of each exercise and not injure myself.

During our sessions you made sure my body was in the correct position and that I was breathing properly. You were always very encouraging and made sure I was doing what needed to do to get the best results. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you.

Barbara Willet Paradise Gym Coral Gables,Fl.

Marcela Poczik Testimonial

Jose’s services were beyond professional. He is very responsive to your needs not only in terms of fitness but also in regards to schedules and life styles. He is very attentive of our fitness level and most importantly your progression whether it be short term or long term. He also manages to make it fun.

Energy Fitness Center Dec 18, 2008.

William Hubbell July 2009

Nieves Olemberg May 2009