Fitness-Workout-Programs and Packages

Fitness-Workout-Programs- Total Sessions -

" I Want My Body Back!" 100- * toning & over 30 lbs to lose

" The Committed" 75- * toning & 30lbs or less to lose

" The Transformation" 50- * toning & 20 lbs or less to lose

" Not Quite There Yet" 36-

" The Trial" 24-

" Series Sessions"

" Single Sessions"

What Is The Series?

What’s a series?

A series means more than one session on a recurring basis. It means we will plan to meet at a predetermined time. We will never have to look at a calendar to determine your next session. It will simply recur. If you can commit to a recurring time, I am willing to commit as well, and since I’ll know that hour is booked, it saves me the time and energy of having to market a new client. I’ll be happy to pass that savings along to you. The only stipulation is, I’ll need a retainer equal to one session’s fee paid in advance. In the event that you miss a scheduled session or you do not give 24 hours notice for a cancellation, you forfeit that fee. It is suggested that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your schedule appointment time allowing you to take full advantage of your workout time and prevent appointment overlap.

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