What Is Chi-Gong? = Correct way of spelling Qi Gong

Life's vital energy (Chi) flows through your body and provides an inner strength that keeps you healthy. When this energy becomes blocked by stress, injury or muscle tension, pain and disease can likely result.

Chi-Gong is a 5000-year old Chinese practice that has been proven to stimulate the harmonious flow of Chi and enhance physical, mental and emotional health. By practicing Qi-Gong you can help to open the pathways of your body so that the energy (Chi) can flow freely, activating your body's innate ability to heal itself.

The main method of Chi-Gong used in class is Chi Lel™ and has been successfully practiced in a medicine less hospital in China that has treated over 180 different diseases with a very high success rate. Even the Chinese government has recognized this hospital and the value of Qi-Gong.

What To Expect

Qi-Gong is a way of taking control of your own health through healing and preventive care. Practice consists of low impact exercises, breathing techniques, visualization and meditation. The movements - though powerful - are calm and slow and can be practiced by people of any age or health status. Take a proactive approach to your health, and find out for yourself the body • mind • spirit benefits Qi-Gong can provide! Qi-Gong provides physical, mental and emotional benefits. With daily practice you can Qi-Gong has been known to help people with ailments such as

• Learn to be relaxed under pressure

• Increase energy

• Increase flexibility

• Soothe your nervous system

• Improve metabolism, digestion, elimination

• Reduce anxiety

• Stimulate your immune system

• Decrease the need for medication

• Relax the mind

• Reduce pain

• Balance emotions

• Arthritis

• Asthma

• Chronic Fatigue

• Constipation

• Depression

• Diabetes

• Heart Disease

• High Blood Pressure

• Lupus or other autoimmune disorders

• Migraine headaches

• Panic attacks


• Sleeping problems

How does Chi Gong Regulates Blood Pressure....? Breathing is to uptake oxygen into our lungs, but Chi Kung requires to breathe more. Qi Gong uses the abdominal breathing method, to inhale maximum volume of oxygen, with slight muscle contraction and slow movements. In result, the oxygenated blood throughout the body is well circulated and regulated.

First of all let's talk about the heart. In order to have blood pressure, the heart must be filled with blood before it contracts. Therefore, when the heart contracts the blood will be squeezed out to build up pressure. In the contrary, no blood in the heart will be no pressure.

How can we speed up the blood return to the heart? Well, it is the contraction of the muscles. There are veins inside the muscles. The muscle contractions will alternately expand and compress the veins forcing blood to return to the heart. Same thing happens to the internal organs, during abdominal breathing, the internal organs will be massaged by the diaphragm. Thus, muscle contraction and abdominal breathing will speed up the blood return to the heart. So, the next contraction of the heart will have blood to be squeezed for the pressure build up.

In conclusion, Qi-Gong will not cause the shortness of breath and the blood pressure is well regulated. Indeed, Chi-Gong provides maximum amount of oxygen to our body cells by abdominal breathing; and regulates the blood pressure by muscle contraction with slow motion exercise.

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